Sabrina Rebello

This event was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Vipul and Sheena no words will ever do justice to what and how I feel about this whole thing. Trust me you have actually pulled the hidden Saby out of my own self. I was lost so long, but not any more. The entire journey from the meet till date has just been a dream, a transformation. I mean you guys hardly know me, and the kind of efforts that you have taken just to get me to be the real person I am are PRICELESS. You have captured my soul in that picture it means a lot to me. In addition, as I mentioned earlier every time I look at this photograph it would mean getting a new lease of life.

Abhishek Dandekar

I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. For just making that moment so great. I lived that moment in person but it was elevated because my mind was running along with my brain and my heart all at the same pace. Trust me its rare. I have already started looking at myself in a more elevated fashion. I guess the boost that I needed "Abhishek that is where you want to be, and that’s where you will be, still looking towards - ab what's next" was just made stronger by all 3 of you. I am promising to take care of my health, something I've been overlooking for a past few years. I’m making a change to my wardrobe, which has been ward-drab for some time now. I guess yesterday has just made me lighter and now I feel more focused. There is so much more to me now. You really opened my stupid eyes.

Ankeeta Chhaabria

Unaware and unsure I started this journey. We all belonged to different walks of life but to our sweet surprise we all connected beautifully. We were different but there was something common in all. It was understanding our Real Selfs’ and searching the Ideal Self. Each one of us has grown and understood our inner selfs’ better in the process. For me, it was an wonderful experience. Today I feel half way there touching my ideal self. When we started I had a feeling of being lost and wanted to be filled with love. But today, I’ve understood that everything is actually within. Love is around even if its lost for a while we can feel it again just by simply opening our arms and we need to let go the hurt. All smiling is Me today thanks to my stupid eye family and big thanks to Vipul, Harsheen and Deepa.

Rosalyn Manuel

There was some thing that stopped me from mentioning that it was even my dream to be a model. I always kept telling my self I'm not beautiful or pretty, the reason I am BLACK. Then Stupid eye took action. At the Stupid eye meeting is where every one besides my self believed in me and said I have a face of a model. Being called Black all my life got my self-confidence so low that I just wanted to blend and not stand out. I was overwhelmed by what I heard in that meeting. That was when Vipul and Harsheen said they would do a shoot with me and prove me wrong about the way I think about my self. I had butterflies in my tummy since then till the day of the shoot. The day of the shoot arrived and before I knew it the day was over. Now it was time for me to see my photographs. I was surprised, happy, amazed to see them. Thank you all for believing in me and helping me to believe in myself. Thank you Vipul and Harsheen for discovering me and helping me discover myself. Now I feel much more confident!

Yogesh Baraskar

I am much passionate about learning new things, which was possible by being a part of Stupid Eye. Thanks a lot for this chance. The stupid eye experience is like a dream come true, You know when I attended the first meeting of stupid eye I was in the sky and saying that ‘now I got the wings to FLY higher......:)

Bobby Birje

Well...Stupid Eye is one of the greatest thing that happened to me. I experienced an atmosphere of happiness when the Frames were being shown. Everyone is friendly. During the meeting I could see a particular emotion on each and every person's face. It was like I was in a house filled with happiness. It was a very nice experience to meet you guys. Hope to see u guys again. ;)

Smit Joisher

During the first meeting, gradually hearing about everyone I realized that I have come here to discover my real self - my own very identity which I think had been lost over a decade ago. In a personal meeting after hearing everything about me, they planned up the most creative and amazing frame for me. This was the day I realized that Vipul Amar and Harsheen Arora treat stupid eyeian`s as their very own people, the effort that these people put in to understand you is just marvelous. Later on I started coming in to assist and help on the shoots of stupid eyeian`s and it was a wonderful experience. I got myself exposed to the most hard working and creative people on the sets. Every lighting setup that Vipul Amar visualized was just superb, his vision of looking towards the frames is very different and his concepts are very today. Creative Director and Psychologist Harsheen Arora’s hard-work and effort made us realize what we actually are - she actually got the crux out of everyone in this wonderful concept of capturing real human emotions using psychology through the medium of photography. The feeling that people who hardly know you treat you as a family is one of the most fantastic feelings that I have ever experienced. Initially I used to say " I am a part of Stupid Eye" but now it goes this way "I am Stupid Eye"

Nilesh R. Bahadure

To me photography is a means of capturing the unseen moment in day-to-day life. Stupid eye - helped me to discover the creative aspect and see things in a ‘hatke’ way. It is the first time I assisted a professional so was scared as to how things will go for me but the master an the team helped me. One thing I will remember always what Mr. Vipul Amar told me " I learned the hard way…no nothing can ever go wrong...and wrong means you learn more" :)

Urvashi Sabnani

'Stupid Eye' has been a step that I took to get a closer look at myself. Out thoughts have the power to limit us or free us. This project has given me the opportunity to believe in my thought that I am not just 'body', I am also 'conscience', 'soul' & 'love'. In a spiritual way, I am loving myself despite my imperfections.

Bharti Mohan

Stupid Eye has been for me a process which cannot be put into words. Harsheen and Vipul along with Prayas have returned the mischief and gleam in my eyes. Some movement has been made, but movement is ongoing on various levels still. Hope the journey that began with Stupid Eye, with some special people continues throughout my life. The smile and the will to change who I am and to be has come alive, it is not going away anymore. ‘I am who I am,’ don’t need approval from anyone to ‘Be Me.’

Apoorva Acharya

StupidEye journey has been the most stirring experience for me in the longest time. The entire process has been designed so beautifully to sensitize and desensitize one systematically for taking a leap towards a more fulfilling life. The group processes gave me a new perspective to my own life and problems. The one-on-one counseling session revealed much to me about myself which I hadn’t ever even considered. It was like one Aha-moment of insight! The actual shoot experience was an emotional journey in itself which immensely helped me break though the inertia of the stuck state I was in then. When I first saw my frame, I could see my whole life in it- past, present and future. It was so magical to see the games of life I have been playing and I could instantly feel something shift from within. Today, many months later, I notice how I stand in a different space of reality, feeling far more empowered from within… and I feel such gratitude towards the two intuitive and super creative magicians- Harsheen and Vipul-who played such a great role in making this happen for me. It’s been amazing to see how the entire process has changed my life and how I see it changing the lives of my friends.In gratitude and love, Apoorvaa

Namrata Chib

This unique combination of photography and psychology was the attraction and the reason i joined stupideye. Stupideye was the most impactful experience i have had till now. Every session we had has given me many valuable insights into my life. The best part was we had no idea into what's in store for us and every successive session was more powerful than the one before. I would recommend stupideye to anyone who is looking for a life enhancing experience.

Tanmay Roy

While I was equipped with the pre-requisites for a good photograph, I had not always understood the realities on the ground. Yes, my discipline i.e. animation had initiated me into the field of photography; but I deeply felt that I had missed something in this long process. The Stupid Eye succeeded in filling this gap. The knowledge and exposure that first-hand experience with Vipul Amar Sir and Harsheen Maam gave, will forever be useful to me in widening my approach for dealing different situations . The dynamism of the Stupid eye team, profile of the participating talented members and the promise of a unique experience coupled with varied exposure sealed the deal for me. "Beauty lies not in the bejeweled Gold but in the intricate workmanship of the Goldsmith" And that is what I have set out to seek by having the honor to work with Stupid eye team.

Meghna Bhattacharya

Stupid Eye has been an incredible journey... I knew at the behest that I was in for an adventure but I had not expected it to be quite as incredibly revealing. The entire process gave me a brand new perspective... not just towards life in general but towards my own self... Vipul and Sheena and the entire team have worked towards unveiling the essence of me that I had kept hidden even from myself... infact especially from myself. To sum it up... it’s been phenomenal... Thank you Team Stupid Eye.. Here's wishing you all the success... Nikhil Nagpal I was going through a stage in life, where it was very hard for me to understand the reality around me. Then came Stupid eye and introduced me to the real me. The experience truly made me face the truth and give me inner peace by showing me my true self. I was able to truly look myself in the eyes and realize my true self and be able to live a life of being complete in myself, which had been the biggest challenge of my life so far. This Experience not only made me a complete person but also it showed and influenced the environment around me including the precious people in my life. I am truly thankful from d bottom of my heart to the entire team of stupid eye which I’m honored to be a part of for this truly self-defining moment that i achieved once i truly faced my fears and was able to look at my true self.

Ishan Kachroo

Unaware of what Stupid Eye was I was ready to be a part of this journey, probably because I believed in Vipul who I knew for almost two decades. Everyone came from different walks of life but with a common goal – understanding the real self. The whole process was simple, but something none of us would have thought of. And what came out in the end was something none of us could imagine. Today we are much mature individuals and a bigger family of strangers who became friends. Salute to the vision and hard-work of Harsheen and Vipul. There is a long way ahead and I am sure we all would be together in this journey. “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great!”

Prayas Chutani

Well, I had joined Stupid Eye initially as a photography intern under Mr. Vipul Amar. But with the warmth that I received from the whole team involved with Stupid Eye especially Vipul Sir and Harsheen Ma'm, Stupid Eye became a turning point of my life. I have seriously not looked back since the day my frame was shot and revealed to me. It has stayed with me, somewhere deep inside my sub-conscious mind and has always been a reminder of the one thing that I wish to achieve in my life : Balance. Having been on both sides of the process, I have seen and experienced the rejuvenation achieved on being framed and also the kind of effort and truth that goes in achieving the perfect frame that can last one's lifetime. I feel proud and privileged to be a part of this life changing process.

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  • Sabrina Rebello This event was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Vipul and Sheena no words will ever do justice to what and how I feel about this whole thing. Trust me you have actually pulled the hidden Saby out of my own self. I was lost so long, but not any more. The entire journey from the meet till date has just been a dream, a transformation. I mean you guys hardly know me, Read more



Psychologist Harsheen K. Arora and Artist Vipul Amar call this project Stupid Eye because they want themselves and everyone else involved - to see each other without the knowledge and information of wrong/right, real/unreal, important/unimportant as taught to us by society in an effort to educate us and hone our intelligence.