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What’s the potential of a matchbox?
It can make fire!
In order to make fire you need to make the effort of striking the matchstick.
The wind blows it out!
You light another stick making sure you take cover.
The match is lit!
You use it to light a candle to spread light….
You use it to light your smoke….
You use it to set someone else’s house on fire……
You use it to cook food….
All this from one matchbox!
Similarly, every individual has a potential………….
Stupid Eye aims at exploring that true potential in every individual………
How one uses that potential is their call!

Stupid Eye is based on the premise that with a better understanding of one’s true self, one is better equipped to realize one’s actual potential. Stupid
Eye is a culmination of Photography with Psychological Therapeutic techniques to enhance an individual’s insight into their SELF. We are glad to
announce that after receiving world-wide recognition by being published at the World Mental Health Congress 2013, the Stupid Eye Research is now
due to be presented at the 28th International Congress of Applied Psychology in Paris in July 2014., and the 7th World Congress of Psychotherapy in
Durban, South Africa in August 2014.


Triveni Kala Sangam

The Stupid Eye exhibition at

Triveni Kala Sangam

Shridharni Gallery,
205, Tansen Marg,
New Delhi India
from April 29 - May 07, 2014
11 am to 7 pm.

No entry fee.

Press & Media


  • Sabrina Rebello This event was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Vipul and Sheena no words will ever do justice to what and how I feel about this whole thing. Trust me you have actually pulled the hidden Saby out of my own self. I was lost so long, but not any more. The entire journey from the meet till date has just been a dream, a transformation. I mean you guys hardly know me, Read more



Psychologist Harsheen K. Arora and Artist Vipul Amar call this project Stupid Eye because they want themselves and everyone else involved - to see each other without the knowledge and information of wrong/right, real/unreal, important/unimportant as taught to us by society in an effort to educate us and hone our intelligence.